Non-Chinese Speaking

Non-Chinese Speaking
When interviewing NCS children, we will arrange interpretation and/or translation service for applicants where necessary, or allow parents and children to be accompanied by a Chinese speaking relative/friend during interview to facilitate communication.
the free-of-charge telephone interpretation service provided by Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER) funded by the Home Affairs Department. The telephone interpretation service hotlines are:
3755 6811 (Bahasa Indonesian)
3755 6822 (Nepali)
3755 6833 (Urdu)
3755 6844 (Punjabi)
3755 6855 (Tagalog)
3755 6866 (Thai)
3755 6877 (Hindi)
3755 6888 (Vietnamese)
Other than the telephone interpretation service mentioned above, CHEER also provides other interpretation and translation services. Schools can contact CHEER direct to gain more understanding on the relevant services if deemed necessary.
Please refer to the following website for details:
Equal Opportunities Commission has also published an “Easy Guide on Promoting Racial Equality in Schools Kindergarten Admission (Applicable to Kindergartens with Local Curriculum)”.
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