Teacher training

Teacher training


    Subject : Heep Hong society - Professional Development Programme on Catering for Students with Diverse Needs in Kindergartens

    Date :4-12-2021

    Speaker : Ms. Fu Hang, Ms. Chan Ka Yan


    Subject : Teacher Training Course on Speech and Drama

    Date :4-9-2021

    Speaker:Teacher of Channel creation Education theatre – Amanda Leung


    Subject : The Lutheran church Hong Kong Synod kindergarten Revival Conference

    Date : 24-8-2021

    Speaker :Dr. Alex Chan

    Topic :《self-compassion training》


    Subject :Be the change/ holistic innovative education’s teaching skills

    Date :16&17-8-2021

    Speaker:principal Lam


    Name: children's problem-solving skills


    Speaker:Dr Frances LEE Lai Mui(Associate Professors - Caritas Institute of Higher Education)

    This year, we set up a program "Be the change" to improve children's problem-solving ability and cultivate positive values”. Therefore, Dr. Lee was invited to the kindergarten to give a lecture on "Children's Problem-solving Ability" for teachers, so as to enhance teachers' teaching skills.